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Questions answered on Eyesentials - my fave wrinkle deleting product

I have had a heap of people face booking and emailing me about Eyesentials with various questions so I am going to do my best to explain all I know...

Firstly, if you know nothing about this product, please check out the post directly below this as I would have to say it is possibly my most favourite product in my professional makeup artistry kit to date! Even the skeptical people will totally be blown away by this product and what it can do.  (In a nut shell, for those who don't know, it pretty much deletes wrinkles under eyes for at least 10 hours at a time whoop whoop)
Kim doesn't have lots of under eye lines but you can still see the difference after using Eyesential on one eye
Picture taken on an iPhone 5

A heap of you asked what was in Eyesential so I decided to email the company to do some investigating, this is what they told me.
 Eyesential is simply made of sodium silicate, magnesium & water so it’s basically like a purified clay. Because there are no active ingredients in it, it has a shelf life of 5 years unopened.  whoop whoop, thats such awesome news knowing it's not full of chemicals. I also found out it is never tested on animals.

The lovely lady that demonstrated Eyesential under my eyes, explained that you should think of the product like a delicate spider web. If rubbed, scratched or stretched you are more likely to break the smooth veil you have created, making lines revert to how they originally were before applying Eyesential.

Things you need to know

Eyesential needs to be put on clean dry skin, don't put eye cream on prior to application. Skin needs to be totally free of toners, moisturisers, makeup and oily residue. If you have used a makeup remover to clean the eye area, cleanse or rinse thoroughly around the eye with water to remove the last of any other residue.


 looking straight ahead, apply with your middle finger, sweep along the under eye contour sweeping right out to temple in one firm stroke. 1-3 single applications can be done. leave to dry 2/3 mins avoiding all facial movements. For best results, use as little as possible. Boom you are looking pretty smooth by now :-). I like to seal and blend the edges with a little moisturiser. I have a couple of new moisturisers that I am testing at the mo that I can tell you about in the very near future. :-)


Some of you have asked about foundations. Eyesentials recommends their own mineral power which I have tried and it is a really lovely foundation, it feels light and goes on beautifully without disrupting the smooth veil created and I can highly recommend it, but just so you know.... As long as you are using a OIL FREE FOUNDATION, it will not break the delicate veil. I have used several silicon foundations on Eyesential, but less is more. I use the last of the residue of my foundation and lightly apply with either a Beauty Blender or  dab it on with a soft brush. Too much liquid foundation can grab, so less is defiantly more. Mineral powered is certainly very easy to apply over Eyesential.

Darker skin tones.

I have not tried eyesential on darker toned skin yet but apparently it will leave a slight light chalky mark. This will however will disappear once you have applied your normal skin toned (Oil free) foundation . I will take some pics once I have tried it on darker skin tone and post them

Robin had his right eye done


My left eye is done

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