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We want it all when it comes to mascara. We want eyelashes that are long, thick and have extreme volume. The following mascara tips will give you the ultimate eyelashes
These simple mascara tips can give you long, thick, voluminous eyelashes that last all day every day.
  1. Curl The crimper curlers are the most popular. Remember, you can never, never, never use these once you have applyed mascara. Otherwise you could do one of two things, chop your eyelashes off or pull them out. Either way, not good! The best way to use this kind of a curler is to get as close to the eyelash line as you can, crimp and count to five slowly. Move the curler out just slightly and crimp again, move with the angle of the eyelashes. Depending on the length of your lashes, do repeatedly until you have curled all the way out. Most people can do this 2-3 times.
  2. Define the line "Pushing" black eye shadow into the line of the eyelashes will create an illusion of thicker lashes. 
  3. For Thicker Eyelashes Holding your mascara in a horizontal position, apply your mascara at the base of the eyelash line and "wiggle" your brush all the way up to the top of the lashes.
  4. For Longer Eyelashes Hold your brush in a vertical position, apply your mascara pulling the brush up, this will feel odd at first but it defintely works. ***Side note, if you need thicker and longer eyelashes, alternate steps 3 and 4, doing multiple coats. Just remember to take a minute and let the mascara dry inbetween so you don't have one big cakey mess!
  5. Comb A lot of inexpensive brush sets come with a plastic lash comb. Do yourself a favor, throw it away and find yourself a metal comb. This will straighten out any mascara mess you may have gotten yourself into. Like the commerical says, you don't want tarantula leg eyelashes!
  6. Curl those babies one more time! For this step you will need a very awesome tool, a battery operated heated eyelash curler. They are awesome! I love the one from a company called Japonesque.

OMG out of 925 ideas we have two in the top 11 !!!!

OMG WE ARE IN THE TOP 11 FOR THE BRIGHT IDEAS CHALLENGE. Look at our awesome email we have just reiceved!

Dear Hil,

Congratulations! Your business plan entry for your Bright Idea was of a very high standard. It demonstrated excellent commercial potential, originality, possibility of successful execution, ability to be implemented from Wellington and clarity of presentation.

You are amongst a small group of people that we are inviting directly to the next stage of the Bright Ideas Challenge. There are 11 ideas going directly to the next stage. Another 10-20 may go to the next stage, pending an assessment.
This means you could receive the $25,000 seed funding as well as other support. Last year, over $1,000,000 in support was received by the Bright Ideas with the greatest commercial potential.

Cath Randall
Business Growth Programme Manager
Grow Wellington Ltd
Ange Duncan and myself have worked blood sweat and tears to get this far and it was worth every hour of sleep lost!
Thanks Ange, love you xx