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Lush Lashes( Semi Permanent lashes) at Girls just wanna have fun expo

I have a lot of my clients asking about semi permanent lashes for their wedding day, so much so that I thought it was time to blog about them.
Lush lashes was bought to NZ by Vanessa O'Reillly, and is now so successful that she has franchise all over NZ.  Just look at the pics above to see why she is so successful, who wouldn't fall in love with lashes like that??

I know first hand about lush lashes as I have been a devout lush lashes wearer for quite some time now, I just feel naked without my lashes and love when I have a 4.30 am start on a film, that I can still look half decent, minus mascara, thanks to those long silky thick lashes ( not my little wee stumpy straight blond numbers).

Anyway, your set of perfectly applied Lush lashes will last you around 6 weeks but if you are wanting to retain the full effect, I would re-schedule an appointment at 4-5 week intervals, this way you will always have the perfect set.

Vanessa applies a Lush Lash to each individual lash of your own, so even up close, they totally look like your own lashes.  People have been astounded when I have told them my lashes are semi permanent lashes and that my own lashes are short thin blond numbers. I never need to wear mascara when I have Lush lashes, which would be unheard of otherwise!!

Today Vanessa and one of her colleagues were at "Girls just wanna have fun" expo, so I snuck down there before my first client and grabbed some pics.  Vanessa is a avid "Hil Cook Solution bud" fan as the solution in our buds is oil free,  Lush lashes special bond can be broken down from oil based cleansers, which is why they prefer Hil Cook Solution buds for a perfect eye makeup cleanser.

To find out more about Lush lashes for your special day, call 0800lushlashes or click on the title above which will direct you to their website.
Hil x

Vanessa O'Reilly ( blond) Owner of Lush Lashes and very talented!