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Rodney goes to NZ Beauty Expo :)

For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to meet the silent one of our team (although sometimes not so silent!), I thought it was high time I did the honors.  Rodney Cook (aka Rams)  is the voice on the phone that deals with many of you and the man in the know when it comes to our product and makeup! oh and he is also my fantastic hubby :)

Rams is very passionate about our product ( Hil Cook Solution buds) so much so that he decided that even though none of our team were available to go up to Auckland to the Beauty Expo this weekend,  he would go and be the voice of reason :).  How many hubby's, I hear you say, would do such a thing!  I asked myself the same question but Rams quietly took himself off to Auckland, reported back to base sending a bunch of photos for the blog, and made a ton of sales today.  Tomorrow will be day 2 and he is eagerly awaiting it!!!

Rodney is actually a Stuntman/ coordinator and we met on Lord of the rings 10 years ago. Being in front of camera for a good portion of his working career has given him all his knowledge of makeup for film and TV( having to be made up for camera often) which is why some of you who speak to Rodney on the ph, often ask me who is the lovely gay man that looks after our phones, and how helpful he was with his knowledge on different makeup bases he he ha.  Anyway I thought I would share a few pics that he sent back this evening of the show and our stand.

Rodney and one of the Prosperina girls selling Solution buds

The winner of hair , makeup and nails comp with trade show people

 A Back tie evening was put on with fantastic live dancing entertainment