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Latest Fishead shoots

I finally have the pictures of our latest Fishead shoot with Antonia Prebble on the front cover and the gorgeous Aphridities girl in the fashion pages. Check these out.


Jaxson Cook, my little man made up for his school disco.

This is my little man Jaxson going to the School Disco as a Sea Ghost. He had prosthetics and airbrushing and then rolled his eyes back in his head for effect!
Hils x

Jaxson Singing the Irish song, 6 years old ( 5 when he recorded it)

My Little boy singing, just couldnt resist. Hil x

Fabulous reference about one of our makeup artist's, Natalie Henderson, from Producer Catherine Juniot

Dear Hils and Ange,

Thank you soooo much for sending us Natalie to work on the Eternity shoot this week. It was really great to meet her. She did a fantastic job and we were very fortunate to have her join us. I know that our Make-up Designer, Julia O'Neil, was very happy with her. I really hope that Natalie had a great time on the shoot too. She has a lovely bubbly personally, is great with the actors and is of course very talented at her craft. 

I hope we can all catch up soon. 

xxx Catherine xxx

Catherine JuniotProducer ~ Business Affairs Advisor ~ Production Manager 
www.inspirefilms.co.nz ~ catherine@inspirefilms.co.nz

Tel: +64 21 887 039

The fabulous @hilcook team are working there magic on the mod... on Twitpic

The fabulous @hilcook team are working there magic on the mod... on Twitpic

An Indian Princess... Visha

This was one of the most exquisite, lavish and colorful weddings I think I have ever worked on.  The bride Visha was astonishingly gorgeous with her exotic Bollywood/ Egyptian look that we went for.

Visha's hair is just a little over shoulder length so we incorporated human hair wefts into her hair to make it reach right down to her waist.  I did tiny horizontal cornrow plaits in the back of her own hair so I could sew in the Human wefts, then did soft curls all the way down her back.  I parted Visha's hair in the center and fixed her beautiful head adornment to a pin curl near her crown, I then set the top in Hot rollers and back combed to create the hight for the quiff Visha wanted.  The sides were braided on either side and joined together at the back where I attached a gorgeous spray of fresh Orchids.

The makeup was inspired by plenty of exotic Bollywood  pictures that Visha had collected up.  It was all about exotic colorful sexy eyes. "Think the Kardashin's" she told me, so I set about creating the perfect flawless airbrushed skin and exotic eyes that looked like jewels.

We even went as far as to apply the Henna to her hands and help her into her fabulous garment that was encrusted in magnificent crystals. The weight of the skirt alone was possibly nearly as heavy as the petit Indian princess herself.  Then came the bling for every part of Visha's body. Boy do the Indian's know how to look feminine, they run rings around the rest of us, I have never seen so much exquisite jewels and sparkle!!  Even the men of her family looked extrodinarly handsome in there suits encrusted with crystals.  I think Visha's husband to be would have been blown away once seeing his gorgeous bride coming towards him.

Thanks to Visha and her family for letting Ange and I into her world for a glorious taste of how her culture celebrates her special day. Oh and the magnificent food Visha's mum made us.

 Hil X

HiL Cook team makeup + hair for La Shika

The Hil Cook makeup and hair team working their magic, with the help of "Hil Cook Solution buds". Beautiful Brides.

Samantha Hannah - Epic Style Guru!! ....Check out this link....

Antonia Prebble

Antonio Prebble

Antonio Prebble on the front cover of Fishead by Hil Cook
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