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Choosing the perfect blush for your wedding day :)

How To Choose The Perfect Blush

There's a huge difference between a blushing bride and a bride who's obviously wearing blush. Bridal makeup should always look effortless and enhance your natural beauty instead of overwhelming it. Blush can be the trickiest element to get right.

On your wedding day, we recommend using two different shades of blush: a soft natural color and a slightly brighter shade in the same color family. "Using two hues gives cheeks a pop of color and also helps blush last longer." Apply the natural blush first, sweeping it all across cheeks, then swirl the brighter color just on the apples.
To select the right blush colors for your skin tone, first consider whether you have cool (blue) or warm (yellow) undertones in your skin. Then follow these rules: Don't fight your complexion by picking a shade that's opposite your skin tone (pale skin with cool undertones, for example, won't look good with warm apricot blush). At the same time, don't choose a color that has too many of the same undertones (a pinky-violet blush could make pale skin with cool undertones look ruddy or blotchy).
It's a tricky balancing act! Check out below for help, and remember when you're shopping to pick out a light and a bright version. To double check that you have the right bright shade, hold the blush color next to your cheeks. It should immediately brighten your face.
Fair skin tone with cool undertones: baby pink with hints of mocha or beige; soft rose
Fair skin tone with warm undertones: golden apricot; light peach with a touch of pink
Medium skin tone with cool undertones: cranberry or light raspberry; rosy pink
Medium skin tone with warm undertones: sunkissed apricot; soft coral with brown undertones
Dark skin tone with cool undertones: plum; grape; dark raspberry
Dark skin tone with warm undertones: brown suede; deep coral with a little bronze