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How to make your own lipgloss

I have had a whole bunch of emails asking for more makeup tips and yesterdays post I told you about primer, but what I didnt tell you is that you can get it for a mere cost of $9 dollars in the Supermarket. WHAT A BARGIN!!

Anyway today I am going to tell you how to make your own lipgloss on a shoe string budget.

What you need...

. Cheap lippie from the $2 shop
. Vaseline
. Small metal bowl or metal tablespoon
. Straighteners  (does not need to be GHD's, can be any sort)
. Small container with lid (recycled) or from Plastic box store
. Fruit tea (optional)

Step one: Cut about 1cm of cheap lippie and place it in a small metal bowl or metal tablespoon.
Step two: Add approx one teaspoon of Vaseline into the small metal bowl or tablespoon.
Step three: Place metal bowl or spoon with ingredients in it on your hot straightener plates (can be done on stove if no straighteners) and once melted, give it a good stir together.
Step four: To make gloss scented, brew fruit teas like Raspberry zinger and add a small amount of the hot fruit scented water to your mix. Stir well
Step five: Pour the mix into your small container without the lid on, put it in the freezer for around 15 mins until set. Add lid and your done.

 WOOP WOOP Your very own Lipgloss

Hot tips!!!!
you can add 1-2 drops of food colouring instead of lippie for that bee-stung balm look or you can crush up any eyeshadow or blush shimmer to add a sparkle.
Flavours like Vanilla essence may be added also, but make sure it has been warmed up when mixing together.

Strapped for cash for birthday pressies, this is the nicest gift for a friend and really made with love!

Tune in for more tips tomorrow
Hils x