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This product honestly deletes eye wrinkles immediately !!!

I recently went to the Hair expo in Sydney and came across this incredible product Eyesential. In my industry, I come across many products that market themselves as the new wonder product that will remove lines etc etc etc so when I came across Eyesential, to be honest, i thought it would just be another one of those products that wouldn’t really deliver. How wrong was I!!!!! Seeing is believing, the exhibitor sat me down, promised me the world, and for the first time ever…. she delivered! I had no crows feet or under eye wrinkles, and whats more it lasted over 10 hours. This is one product that I will never be without ever again. It is now my key go to product in my makeup kit. I absolutely love watching the faces of clients and even my cynical husband’s reaction when they see the transformation in just a few seconds.
I applied Eyesentails at 10 in the morning, went off to a film premier at 7 pm and still looked incredible when i got home. I am 100 percent sold and I think everyone needs to know about this amazing Red-carpet secret!

Thanks for finally coming up with a product that really does do all those things it says it will do !
Hil Cook's photo.
 This is a mate Robyn, him and his partner Karen couldn't believe the
difference after doing his right eye :-) taken on iPhone 4
with no touch ups or makeup
Ok guys... Here are your answers 
... 1) Eyesential is simply made of sodium silicate, magnesium & water so it’s basically like a purified clay. Because there are no active ingredients in it, it has a shelf life of 5 years unopened.

2) None of our pr
oducts are tested on animals

3) Eyesential must go on clean, dry skin with no makeup or moisturiser. Once it is set, you can then apply the moisturiser to the rest of the face and around the area that you have applied Eyesential but not over the top. This is because any oil based product will break down the very fine web-like structure that Eyesential creates under the eye area. You can use makeup over the top but should be mineral based. ( I actually used an oil free liquid, Ellis fass , and that worked just fine and didn't break the veil

4) They are an online company so you can either order over their website www.eternaltvoffers.com.au or over the phone with one of their consultants on 1300 ETERNAL or 1300 383 762. The RRP of Eyesential is $99 but they often have great offers.

Me with full blown wrinkles and an unmade face :-( taken off the iPhone 5
 The enlarged version of that pic above
My left eye has been done now but the right is still wrinkly, this may look like photo shop but it really isn't
it puts a veil under your eye and completely tightens and smooths. No foundation or concealing here

Me feeling a load happier that there are no more wrinkles, not made up ( still no foundation)  just a lick of mascara :-) How good is this product!!!!! :-)

 It really does give you a lovely soft photo finish but in real life. Anyone who has tried this product, I would love to hear from you or see before and afters, email hil@hilcook.co.nz

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