Join Hil and her savvy team on their journey behind the scenes in the world on makeup and hair. Mobile on the go EVERYWHERE!

Pics and Goss of what we have been up to this week

The start of the week was lovely with several brides in our french powder room all having their trials.

Wednesday we did a shoot for Bernina  with savvy photographer Lance Lawson and all the winners of the Bernina Young fashion awards.  The young girls ranging from 12 - 17 did the most remarkable designs and there sewing techniques were outstanding.  Check out the link to see their amazing garments.

Lea did the Wayward Heir Look book shoot for Rembrandt and I think she may have had trouble keeping from not tripping on her tongue!  You will understand when you see the handsome men that she had to work on.  Hard job that one but someone had to do it!!

Thursday the whole team worked doing makeups and hairstyles at the Adorn Jewellery event. If you read a bit further down the page you will be able to catch up with photos and goss of the event.

Friday was an Epic night shoot for Fishead which sadly I cant even reveal pics until the mag is out but further down the page is a wee bit of info about what we did and the amazing jewels that were used.

Saturday Ange and I got up at the crack of dawn and did the lovely Vicky Nelsons wedding.  She was simply stunning and had the most amazing skin with beautiful freckles .  Such a lovely day with her and her family.
Beautiful fresh faced Vicki the Bride


You girls are a credit to the industry, you are so warm and friendly...you put us all at ease from the minute you arrived, and of course, we felt and looked FANTASTIC after a couple of hours with you!!

What an awesome job you do...

A big THANK YOU for being part of my dream day :-)

Warm regards,
Vicki Bulmer (Nelson)
Vicky's Sister and bridesmaid
Rebecca wrote
"Thanks for the link Hils, the day was just magic, you and Ange did the most amazing job- it was not only the makeup but also your awesome personalties you are both just so lovely!  Thank you both so much."

The gorgeous mother of the bride

Then Saturday arvo back at our French powder room we had two gorgeous sisters having their makeup done for Sue's ( blonde) 30th birthday event that night. The girls had such a giggle and could not stop looking at themselves once done up to the nines. Hot Hot Hot!!

Natalie saved the day on Sunday with the Circus dance troupe needing a strong teenage pop look for their routine. Sounds like it went off with a bang and the dancers looked amazing!

And sunday for me.... Gin Wigmores hair and makeup for her rocking Concert!

time to rest.

Hils x

We worked on the latest Fishead shoot and I found treasure!

Friday night was an all night shoot for Fishead magazine. I did the hair and makeup for beautiful Zoe and Micheal from  Kirsty Bunny Agency and they looked sooooo Hot!  I cant go into to much detail to be honest as that would spoil the fab treats to come in the Autumn issue, but trust me... A- MAZ- ING.
Savvy Samantha Hannah was doing her amazing styling job on our Hot models, and  Photographer Tim from studio62 was working him magic with the camera.  The Dream team were on FIRE!

Anyway what I did want to mention is Sam brought along the most incredible jewels I think I have ever seen and so I need to shout to the world about them!!!! Check out this website and the work of the very talented nga waiata.
 I have never seen such beautiful chunks of crystals, each crystal both powerful and special, is set in in a stunning wooden based ring that feels so naturally right with nga waiata's name carved in the bottom.  I am soooo in love with these stunning rings that it is my treat to me for Christmas!

The rings will soon be available at Zambesi Wgtn 

Hils x

Words of wisdom that our team believe in.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone elses life.
Don't be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other peoples thinking.
Don't let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition...they somehow already know what you truly want to become.
Everything elas is secondary."
This is something I picked up somewhere, sometime when I was in much need of such words....I can't tell you the author, because this I have no clue of.....but all kudos to the one who penned these words.

Our team have lived by these words of wisdom. With our passion and drive, it has taken us on wonderful adventures all over the world.
This photo is of our Hil Cook team and Gibson Groups crew, filming this year in Rarotonga for BBC
 TV show Paradise cafe.
Hil  x