Join Hil and her savvy team on their journey behind the scenes in the world on makeup and hair. Mobile on the go EVERYWHERE!

Some beautiful new bridal pics :)

Some gorgeous images of our beautiful bride and her bridesmaid by the ever so talented Sharisse Eberlein Photography

Sundays looks

These girls looked sooooo gorgeous that I thought we would share them with you.
Susan (the blond) is a regular  client of mine who comes every time time with a new look to try out which is always great fun.  Susan's hair is extraordinarily fine in texture so hot rollers and light back combing were in order to give body to her fine hair. A good amount of splaying was done on her braid to give the illusion she had wad of thick hair and then pinned in a soft side bun.  Susan's makeup was airbrushed with MAC micronised airbrushing foundation for her flawless finish, I used Bobbi Brown shimmery bronzes and pinks on her lids along with a black thick top gel line and lots of medium and long single lashes. Bobbie brown pink on her cheeks with Bobbi brown Rose shimmer brick over the top for that fresh dewey look and lastly, Antipodes Dusky sounds Pink lippy (my fav) with a clear gloss over the top. Hot to trot!!
Hair and makep by Hil Cook

Hair and makeup by Hil Cook

hair and makeup by Hil Cook

Sarah's makeup and hair (the dark) were done by our lovely Ange and Sarah really had no idea what she wanted so Ange set about creating a gorgeous evening look for her.  Sarah (unlike Susan) has truck loads of hair and had it all set in Richard Kavanaghner barrel curls and then softly brushed out with a hint of back combing. Ange gave her the perfect soft evening up do which was like a modern day take on the old french roll.  Sarah's makeup was MAC face and body foundation, Bobbi Brown Smokey eyes with hints of pinks and purples coming through, Bobbie brown cheeks with shimmer brick over the top for her soft high light and another favorite of ours, Antipodes Remarkably red lippy with a clear gloss over the top.
I think you will agree these ladies are ready to paint the town red!!
hair and makeup by Ange Duncan

hair and makeup by Ange Duncan

hair and makeup by Ange Duncan

The Glamour brides and maids

Well Happy New Year to all, we have started this year with a bang! Wedding after wedding which is keeping our team super busy :)
The theme this year has seen a real come back in 1940s pin up, glamour Hollywood and Vintage, such beautiful timeless styles.  Thought I would show you some of our trial days with brides

Couple of new brides and a mum to check out

Beautiful bride by Lea

makeup and hair by Hil

 a nice way to have smouldery eyes with colour
Naturally cork screw curls, some tamed and some left natural to get a gorgeous country garden look :)

Amzing looking mother of the bride !!!!!!!!! by Ange Duncan