Join Hil and her savvy team on their journey behind the scenes in the world on makeup and hair. Mobile on the go EVERYWHERE!

Our lovely lea's work this week and what the teams been doing

Lea has had a crazy busy week this past week what with doing the Hurricanes commercial, photos shoots for Mike Hayden of Jet photography and or course gorgeous brides.
Thought we better show case our wee star and what she has been up to.

Oh is that leas tongue hanging on the ground while she touches up yet another lovely sportsman

gorgeous bride courtesy of Jet Photography

At the end of Lea's Hurricane shoot, she managed to get a pic of our latest fan with Solution buds, Victor Vito, and no he doesn't have a square head, its our lovely Leas fab photography work. Maybe let Mike do that photography for you Lea :)

Hils x

Whats Ange been up to?
Ange has been flat out on the Gibson group TV show coming your way soon. Head down bum up is our Ange, working every God given hour but the light at the end of the tunnel is on the horizon. She will be coming up for air any day now and back on the bridal roller coaster. Yippee

What Nat up to?
Nat has been a busy beaver also, for those of you that manage to get into Kirks, you will see our youngest member Nat. Nat blesses the store with her remarkable knowledge and talented artistry in Bobbi Brown quite often at the moment.  Bobbi Brown contracts our girls on and off through out the year to help out when busy, they have just lost a staff member lately so have been lucky enough to have Nat on hand to help them out with her expertise. Nat also has been doing weddings this week but I don't have any pics for you just yet ( watch this space).

What Hil been up too ?
Lots of crazy meetings with Grow wellington and Creative HQ with my wonderful side kick Ange, wedding trial after wedding trial, Shoot for Terralink, Rammy's wedding in the weekend and a Fishead shoot. The Fishead shoot I might add, had my wee boy Jaxson (6) modelling for the fashion pages coming out at the end of March. He was a star!
Hils x