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DIY recipe to grow eyelashes and eyebrows that really works!

OK makeup lovers, today I have a super easy and fast DIY for you to try at home. As many of you know, in the past I used Li-lash to try and enhance my natural lashes. And while it did work it was really expensive at $180.00 for a few mills of product. Recently, I was looking online for recipes I could try at home to make my lashes longer and thicker, I found this quick and easy recipe with all organic materials that you can easily find in your local Chemist or you may already have these at home. :-)

You will need a travel bottle that is air tight
Coconut oil
Caster oil
and Aloe vera gel/ oil
an old clean mascara brush

Mix half and half of coconut oil and Caster oil in your travel bottle,  add a wee bit of the Aloe vera gel to your recipe and shake until mixed properly.

Caster oil has been used for decades to thicken and lengthen hair, eyebrows and eyelashes so give it a go, you have nothing to loose and will have thick long glossy lashes as an end result. Whoop whoop

Dip your clean Mascara brush into the mixture and apply to lashes, once applied run your finger over the lash line which will moisturise the roots. Thats it!

We would love to hear from those of you that give this a crack and get great results, email hil@hilcook.co.nz and tell us your story :-)

Hils x