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Masterpet shoot

Ange and I did the Masterpet shoot on Friday and talk about fun.  It was shot in the most amazing multi million dollar home with a multi million dollar view I have ever seen!
Gorgeous model Rosie from Kirsty bunny model management, was the lucky lady whom got to play the life of luxe for the day but not only that, she got to snuggle with the real super star... Pier, a tiny fluff ball puppy that was the cutest thing in the world and the most behaved dog I have ever met!
The talented Nick Servian was the photographer of choice for the day and the savvy stylist was Sally-Ann Moffit.

Ange and I managed to get a few pics of the view and the inside of the house too, ... Check out below

Several Looks for the day- 60's inspired for this one
Gorgeous Rosie- hair and makeup- Hil Cook

How the other half live ...NICE!

View from one of the many balconies
The door opposite is inside the house!

Ange and pier snuggling
How cute is this dog!

The popular Hollywood glow tricks

Perhaps, nothing says Oscar glamour more than the increasingly popular Hollywood "glow" -- that dewy luminescence made famous by stars such as J-Lo, Demi, Cameron, Julia, Drew, Charlize, and countless others. The good news is you don't need a 5-carat pink diamond to get the sparkle. What can do the trick? Products called "skin illuminators". These are pearlized shimmer creams that reflect light onto the skin.
These products were a great breakthrough in makeup technology, by reflecting the light they make the skin look smoother and younger. When making up faces, I always start with a primer, then add a cream or lotion with a small amount of pearl essence, which I blend over the entire face or, better still, mix it into foundation or even moisturizer (my favorite is Becca's Pearl shimmering skin perfecter). The result is the fresh-faced look frequently seen on the younger stars. However, skin illuminators should not be confused with "sparkle powder" -- products with large chunks of metallic that should never be used on the whole face.
These are Becca models with the amazing results from skin shimmering perfector
Hils x