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How to create a 1920's look

We have just been booked by a Kiwi celebrity to make him and his lovely wife step into the Flapper world of the 20's tomorrow night.  They are hosting a fabulous party and want to look just the part, Celebrity X knew just the team to do it!
Mr Celebrity X will be wearing a pencil thin mustache lovingly knotted up by Ange today and having the true 20s slick hair style. Mrs Celebrity X will be having the whole works yay, what fun.

I thought I would share with you, how to create a 1920s look for anyone one else interested in vintage makeups and hair.

In the "Roaring Twenties," short, bobbed hair, heavily lined eyes and tiny dark lips were an indication that a woman was modern and liberated. Whether you are attending a costume party or you wish to modernize the look as your own, there are ways to make the 1920s face yours.

Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:
         Pancake or cream foundation
         Makeup sponge
         Dark eyebrow pencil
         Eye makeup primer
         Gray/brown-based eyeshadow ( matt tones)
         Black kohl eyeliner or gel liner
         Black mascara
         Blush with touches of red in it
         Waxy dark-red lip liner and lipstick thats matt
Apply a foundation in your skin tone that gives your complexion a creamy, perfect look. If your skin is naturally porcelain- or alabaster-toned, play it up.
Darken and turn your eyebrows slightly downward with an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner that is darker than your brow color. This works best if your brows are on the thin side. If not, cover your brows with a 1920s-style hat or with fringe chopped straight across as part of a bob cut.
Smooth on your usual eye makeup primer, then apply a dark grey/brown-based eyeshadow from lash line to crease.
Use a black kohl eyeliner on both top and bottom lash lines.
Color your top and bottom lashes with blackest black mascara.
Rub blush into the apples of your cheeks, and blend away the hard edges. Make sure the color is still evident, as though you just walked in from the cold.
Apply pale pancake foundation or concealer over clean and exfoliated lips. With a waxy dark-red lip liner, exaggerate the cupid's bow on your top lip. Draw your lower lip as slightly plumper than it really is by extending slightly on the bottom. Draw both upper and bottom lips as shorter on the sides.

Fill the new lip shape in with pencil before layering matching lipstick over it. When you are through, your lips should not be as wide as they really are, giving the illusion that you have them puckered and ready for a kiss.
9.If you are going to go the whole hog right down to nails, they were painted leaving the half moon and tip out.  Paint in between with a deep dark red.

And there you have it, just like you have stepped out of the 20's,  I will let you know how it goes :)
Hils x

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