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Bridal Beauty Side-Effects of Stress !!

When you’re under stress in the lead up to your wedding day, beauty malfunctions are inevitable. Here’s how to cope.


Pimples have a way of popping up at the worst time, like say, the day before your wedding. To prevent the likelihood of pimples, make sure you cleanse your face morning and night, wipe off any excess with a toner (Our favorite skin care is Antipodes which is organic), drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. If the unthinkable does happen the day before here is our best kept secret revealed!!!  Dash to the Supermarket and grab yourself a packet of Aspirins (The ones that are tablet form and don't have any dis solvable plastic coating on them), Crush a couple of Aspirins in a small bowl then add water until you have the consistency of toothpaste. Apply to your spot and leave until it dries and goes powdery ( about 15 mins).  You will not believe your eyes, its like magic, your stress pimple will be flat as a pancake and extremely easy to conceal from this point as the only thing that will be left will be the redness but NO swelling. :)

What can I say- Antipodes Avocado and Rose hip oil - the rescue remedy ever!!

4. Puffy eyes
Sleepless nights caused by stress can often lead to puffy eyes. Avoid fluid from pooling under the eyes by elevating your head when you sleep, and reducing your salt intake.  Our favorite eye cream is ...

I am sold on this stuff!

TIP:  In cases of emergency you can use Hemorrhoid cream which is designed for sensitive spots but works wonders on puffy eyes, totally de-puffs your peepers.  I have used this trick on lots of sleepless stressed out brides and it works a treat.