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My makeup work in International Lucire magazine

Here is a sneak peek of my makeup work that made the front cover of Lucire magazine and the fashion pages.  Shot by Dave Richards.  Makeup by Hil Cook, Styling by Sopheak Seng and hair by Michael Beel. More of this shoot in issue 33 . On sale now . Head too www.lucire.com to get your tablet or print issue

Thanks to the amaze team involved- My incredible assistant Natalie Ella Henderson. Thanks to Jaye Glam Morgan,with Andy Alsop and Kenzy Cheeseman. And our Fantastic models - Chloe GrahamSequoia Etti, John Phillips

Makeup on Front cover by Hil Cook

Makeup by Hil Cook
Makeup by Hil Cook

Questions answered on Eyesentials - my fave wrinkle deleting product

I have had a heap of people face booking and emailing me about Eyesentials with various questions so I am going to do my best to explain all I know...

Firstly, if you know nothing about this product, please check out the post directly below this as I would have to say it is possibly my most favourite product in my professional makeup artistry kit to date! Even the skeptical people will totally be blown away by this product and what it can do.  (In a nut shell, for those who don't know, it pretty much deletes wrinkles under eyes for at least 10 hours at a time whoop whoop)
Kim doesn't have lots of under eye lines but you can still see the difference after using Eyesential on one eye
Picture taken on an iPhone 5

A heap of you asked what was in Eyesential so I decided to email the company to do some investigating, this is what they told me.
 Eyesential is simply made of sodium silicate, magnesium & water so it’s basically like a purified clay. Because there are no active ingredients in it, it has a shelf life of 5 years unopened.  whoop whoop, thats such awesome news knowing it's not full of chemicals. I also found out it is never tested on animals.

The lovely lady that demonstrated Eyesential under my eyes, explained that you should think of the product like a delicate spider web. If rubbed, scratched or stretched you are more likely to break the smooth veil you have created, making lines revert to how they originally were before applying Eyesential.

Things you need to know

Eyesential needs to be put on clean dry skin, don't put eye cream on prior to application. Skin needs to be totally free of toners, moisturisers, makeup and oily residue. If you have used a makeup remover to clean the eye area, cleanse or rinse thoroughly around the eye with water to remove the last of any other residue.


 looking straight ahead, apply with your middle finger, sweep along the under eye contour sweeping right out to temple in one firm stroke. 1-3 single applications can be done. leave to dry 2/3 mins avoiding all facial movements. For best results, use as little as possible. Boom you are looking pretty smooth by now :-). I like to seal and blend the edges with a little moisturiser. I have a couple of new moisturisers that I am testing at the mo that I can tell you about in the very near future. :-)


Some of you have asked about foundations. Eyesentials recommends their own mineral power which I have tried and it is a really lovely foundation, it feels light and goes on beautifully without disrupting the smooth veil created and I can highly recommend it, but just so you know.... As long as you are using a OIL FREE FOUNDATION, it will not break the delicate veil. I have used several silicon foundations on Eyesential, but less is more. I use the last of the residue of my foundation and lightly apply with either a Beauty Blender or  dab it on with a soft brush. Too much liquid foundation can grab, so less is defiantly more. Mineral powered is certainly very easy to apply over Eyesential.

Darker skin tones.

I have not tried eyesential on darker toned skin yet but apparently it will leave a slight light chalky mark. This will however will disappear once you have applied your normal skin toned (Oil free) foundation . I will take some pics once I have tried it on darker skin tone and post them

Robin had his right eye done


My left eye is done

This product honestly deletes eye wrinkles immediately !!!

I recently went to the Hair expo in Sydney and came across this incredible product Eyesential. In my industry, I come across many products that market themselves as the new wonder product that will remove lines etc etc etc so when I came across Eyesential, to be honest, i thought it would just be another one of those products that wouldn’t really deliver. How wrong was I!!!!! Seeing is believing, the exhibitor sat me down, promised me the world, and for the first time ever…. she delivered! I had no crows feet or under eye wrinkles, and whats more it lasted over 10 hours. This is one product that I will never be without ever again. It is now my key go to product in my makeup kit. I absolutely love watching the faces of clients and even my cynical husband’s reaction when they see the transformation in just a few seconds.
I applied Eyesentails at 10 in the morning, went off to a film premier at 7 pm and still looked incredible when i got home. I am 100 percent sold and I think everyone needs to know about this amazing Red-carpet secret!

Thanks for finally coming up with a product that really does do all those things it says it will do !
Hil Cook's photo.
 This is a mate Robyn, him and his partner Karen couldn't believe the
difference after doing his right eye :-) taken on iPhone 4
with no touch ups or makeup
Ok guys... Here are your answers 
... 1) Eyesential is simply made of sodium silicate, magnesium & water so it’s basically like a purified clay. Because there are no active ingredients in it, it has a shelf life of 5 years unopened.

2) None of our pr
oducts are tested on animals

3) Eyesential must go on clean, dry skin with no makeup or moisturiser. Once it is set, you can then apply the moisturiser to the rest of the face and around the area that you have applied Eyesential but not over the top. This is because any oil based product will break down the very fine web-like structure that Eyesential creates under the eye area. You can use makeup over the top but should be mineral based. ( I actually used an oil free liquid, Ellis fass , and that worked just fine and didn't break the veil

4) They are an online company so you can either order over their website www.eternaltvoffers.com.au or over the phone with one of their consultants on 1300 ETERNAL or 1300 383 762. The RRP of Eyesential is $99 but they often have great offers.

Me with full blown wrinkles and an unmade face :-( taken off the iPhone 5
 The enlarged version of that pic above
My left eye has been done now but the right is still wrinkly, this may look like photo shop but it really isn't
it puts a veil under your eye and completely tightens and smooths. No foundation or concealing here

Me feeling a load happier that there are no more wrinkles, not made up ( still no foundation)  just a lick of mascara :-) How good is this product!!!!! :-)

 It really does give you a lovely soft photo finish but in real life. Anyone who has tried this product, I would love to hear from you or see before and afters, email hil@hilcook.co.nz

www.eternaltvoffers.com.au Manufactures, Wholesalers & Retailers. Offices located in Australia, UK, USA and Brazil with Distributors in 30+ countries
Company: 12,018 like this.

Brows and Face shapes

Its all about the brows at the moment but a lot of us ignore our eyebrows (or have over plucked them into non-existence) not realizing how important they are in defining our face. There isn’t one shape that is the best, it really just depends on your unique facial features and shape. Just like contouring, your eyebrow shape and thickness can help soften your face shape and frame your peepers. Here is a fab guide line that I stumbled on which really helps with shaping eyebrows. Enjoy, Hils x


Just wanted to share with you the latest pic of Margot Robbie. Margot used to be sassy blonde and some of you may have seen her amazing acting in the film, Wolf on Wall St. I have recently been working with Margot on her new film 'Z for Zachariah' in the Banks Peninsular, once filming had finished she asked me to colour her hair for the Oscars. This is the end result colour which I think you will agree is pretty 'smoking" on this gorgeous lady. Pretty proud of this colour :-) Hils x

Hair colour by Hil Cook

Its all about the brows!!

Givenchy was showing a lot of Taupe and soft browns with groomed brows at New York Fashion week this year. Stella McCartney also followed the brow trend.  Is it any wonder we’re eyebrow-obsessed? Brows not only frame the eyes, but a well-groomed pair adds instant polish to your makeup look. Our team happen to think brows are the most important feature on the face so we thought we would put up a great DIY instruction on how to make the most of your brows this winter.

For a softer look, brush an old clean mascara wand through your brows to give a lighter feathery look :-)

Enjoy Hils x

Another beautiful bride pic

 This lovely bride went for a beautiful soft organic look. She knew how strong out Wellington winds can be so we came up with a style that was soft, romantic, still looked down but would work for photos in the wind. Picture perfect don't you think? Loving the cute head dress of flowers :-)

Hair and makeup - Hil Cook

Hair and makeup Hil Cook

Eyelash cheat

Heres a wee diagram for those wanting to try out falsies but are unsure how to go about it.
Follow these simple steps and before you know it you will have lashes to die for :-)
Hils x

The Lip Cheat

The Lip Cheat

As it turns out, we weren’t all blessed with Angelina Jolie’s lush lips. Now, there are a few tricks to making them appear larger (a glossy lip being one), but for a more dramatic effect, don’t be afraid to line your lips just outside of your natural line. When I say just outside of your natural line, I mean slightly. You don’t want to look like a clown by over doing it!
Flick us your try outs to hil@hilcook.co.nz ,we will give away a box of Hil Cook Solution buds to the best try out pic :-)
Hils x

DIY recipe to grow eyelashes and eyebrows that really works!

OK makeup lovers, today I have a super easy and fast DIY for you to try at home. As many of you know, in the past I used Li-lash to try and enhance my natural lashes. And while it did work it was really expensive at $180.00 for a few mills of product. Recently, I was looking online for recipes I could try at home to make my lashes longer and thicker, I found this quick and easy recipe with all organic materials that you can easily find in your local Chemist or you may already have these at home. :-)

You will need a travel bottle that is air tight
Coconut oil
Caster oil
and Aloe vera gel/ oil
an old clean mascara brush

Mix half and half of coconut oil and Caster oil in your travel bottle,  add a wee bit of the Aloe vera gel to your recipe and shake until mixed properly.

Caster oil has been used for decades to thicken and lengthen hair, eyebrows and eyelashes so give it a go, you have nothing to loose and will have thick long glossy lashes as an end result. Whoop whoop

Dip your clean Mascara brush into the mixture and apply to lashes, once applied run your finger over the lash line which will moisturise the roots. Thats it!

We would love to hear from those of you that give this a crack and get great results, email hil@hilcook.co.nz and tell us your story :-)

Hils x


Here is a little trick that one of the ladies in our team does and it works a treat :-)

BEAUTY: Dry/Wet Shampoo for Light or Dark Hair

Prep Easy Peasy :-)


  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot or cornstarch (arrowroot is preferable because it's a finer powder and doesn't go off as quickly)
  • 1/4 cup vodka, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel
  • Essential oils or a spritz of your favorite perfume to scent (we've used a few drops of tea tree oil to extend shelf life and 5-6 drops of lavender)


Mix all ingredients in a small spray bottle and shake well. Shake before each use and spray on roots or oily parts of hair. Let dry and style as usual.


Arrowroot or cornstarch can also be used as a mineral veil or finishing powder for homemade makeup or as an oil absorbing powder on the skin. I keep a jar filled with arrowroot on my dresser and use as a dry shampoo in my hair and to set my makeup.
If you have dark hair but don’t want to use cocoa powder in your hair, just use plain arrowroot and apply before going to bed the night before or at least 2 hours in advance so that it has time to absorb and you won’t get the fake-gray-looks-like-a-wig look.

This is such a great way to save on dollars with fab results, give it a go and email me to let our team know how you go....hil@hilcook.co.nz

Enjoy Hils x

Another beautiful bride from our season :-)

Another gorgeous bride from this wedding season 

makeup by Hil Cook

A peek at one of our latest brides :-)

Just wanted to share with you some of our latest works from the wedding season just gone. Thanks to Sarah Mcevoy for such lovely photography.   Hair and makeup - Hil Cook
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