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Goodness: The Solution

Goodness: The Solution: "Hil Cook: Shes a local girl with an International career as a film and television make up artist and now to add to her impressive list o..."


 ok.....so I've been trying out this new thing lately. Someone once said "There is nothing new under the sun", and that may well be the case, SO if you have been doing this wee trick for ages, I'm sorry!
HOWEVER if you haven't I hope you have fun playing!

BLUSH, I know that we are not big on "rules" but if in doubt, a look that always works is matching the tone of your blusher with the same tone on your lips.  BUT.....lets be wild and crazy and take that a little bit further.....

Have you ever tried taking your blush colour
and using this for your  eye contour colour or....
on top of your contour colour. Blending it slightly up towards the brow.
Its a beautiful warm look that can bring everything together and really
make your eyes popo!! (like that word!!)

Give this look a crack and send us in some of your "successful" photos, using this technique.

Can't wait to see the results.

ange x

PS: Any further questions email angeduncan@gmail.com

 The deep plum colour carried through.                                                      Touch of peach.



2 days of lippy, powder, shimmer, curls, dancing, laughter, southerlies and plenty of head bobbling. What a fab shoot!
Indian crew from Lemon Yellow Sun landed in Wellywood a few days ago to shoot a 2 day commercial for Monte Carlo clothing.  The crew were mint people and a whole lot of laughs to work with. The weather played its impeccable part of keeping up the '4 seasons in one day' scenario, not only did we get wind burnt, drenched and are arses frozen off, we also got a touch of sunburn just to top off our days.

We had 3 international models arrive for the shoot, a gorgeous lady by the name of Marcella whom shone like a star and nothing was a problem.  She had literally got off a plane from Brazil , got thrown into our fabulous makeup Maui van, stripped of most of her clothes and was made to stand in the sea in a southerly and look happy about it ahhhhh . She was an absolute Storm trooper!
Then there was Faranz, a very professional, popular male model from Iran and Carolina, another beautiful but slightly more on the diva-rish side, Brazilian model.

The crew were top people and really showed us all about fast turn around TV!!! They also showed us when there is a need to cut back on budget, get rid of continuity 1st ahhhhh. Outrageous I hear you say and I couldn't agree with you more, but it sure was a giggle when things disappear and reappear through different angles of the scenes being shot.  Certainly it made for an easier day although I wouldn't want to be in the editors shoes at the other end.

All in all,it was yet another wonderful job, a crazy adventure, new fun mates and a lot of laughs... oh and did I mention a lot of head bobbling! Loved it.

PS we were explained that the head bobbling means they are happy , not sad, between yes and no, maybe or not sure. In general i guess you could say fence sitting?