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Kirsty's gorgeous day- Hair and Makeup by Hil Cook and Ange Duncan

Kirsty was an amazing bride and a real pleasure to work with, not to mention her lovely bridesmaids.  We got the bridal party ready in her parents stunning home in Roseneath that overlooked the whole city and harbour which made for a beautiful relaxed view.
 Kirsty's dad was the centre of entertainment and serenaded us through-out the whole day but clearly was the proudest Dad ever.
Thank you Kirsty for the beautiful pictures, I couldn't remember the photographer you used but if you could let me know I will add the link :)

Hils x

Lovely Kirsty and I have a giggle at Dads Serenade!

He's still at it, I think this song was Oh Danny boy!

I used gorgeous purples on Kirsty's eyes

Gorgeous wedding party- hair and makeup by Hil Cook and Ange Duncan

Hair and makeup by Hil Cook and Ange Duncan

I loved this braided hair style.  Kirsty's hair is quite fine naturally so I added a small amount of extra hair to give it the fullness in the back.  No one realised that she had hair added :)

A beautiful bride - Kirsty :)

OMG - 4 of my works have been chosen for Italian Vogue

Over the past few weeks myself  and Ange worked with Photographer Mandi Lynn, Designer Kerrie Huges and Hat Maker Liza Foreman working on creating our interpretation of the white Goddess and the Dark Goddess.  Each artist bought there own interpretation and as a collective we created something beautiful.  Our Pictures were submitted to Italian Vogue and 4 of them made the cut woop woop.

On the Dark side shoot, we were lucky enough to have Derek Elvy join us to create some of his interpretation with some amazing hair work.

We are trying to get the best Portrait art but we need votes. Here is the link for our 4 Vogue pics, please scroll through the 4 and vote on each one to help us out.  We will be eternally grateful and it helps us little Kiwis are compete on an international level. :)

We created our looks from this amazing piece of poetry

Here is how she is defined:
She represents the Muse, -comes from moon Goddess- a triple Goddess -death, birth and beauty, presides over all acts of generation- physical, intellectual and spiritual.
The Goddess is a lovely slender woman with a hooked nose, deathly pale face, lips as red as rowan berries, startlingly blue eyes, long fair hair. She will transform herself into a sow, mare vixen, weasel, serpent, tiger, mermaid or loathsome hag. Her names and titles are imnunerable. In ghost stories  she is the White Lady, in ancient religions the white Goddess.
The reason why the hairs stand on end , eyes water, skin crawls when one reads a true poem is that a true poem i an invocation of the W G or muse- the ancient power of lust and fright- the female spider whose embrace is death.

Hair and makeup by Hil Cook, Photography by Mandi Lynne, Dress design Kerry Huges, Head gear Liza Foreman

Hair and makeup by Hil Cook, Photography by Mandi Lynne, Dress design Kerry Huges, Hear gear Liza foreman

Makeup Hil Cook, Hair Derek Elvy, Photography Mandi Lynn, Designer Kerry Huges, Hat Liza forman

Hair and makeup by Hil Cook, Photography by Mandi Lynne, Dress design Kerry Huges

Here is a Sneek Peek of whats yet to come, once our good photos are done I will post them but thought I would share a few of my own pics :)

Makeup - Hil Cook, Hair Derek Elvy
Hair and makeup by Hil Cook, Photography by Mandi Lynne, Dress design Kerry Huges

Amazing makeup by Angela Duncan, Hair - Derek Elvy, Photography Mandi Lynn, Head gear Liza Foreman

Hair and makeup by Angela Duncan 
Hair and Makeup by Angela Duncan

Hils x

Another one for Italian Vogue

Hair and make up by Hil Cook
Holy Moley, another one in Italian vouge woop woop .... amazing photo by Mandy Lynne, Designer Kerry Huges, Head gear Liza Foreman and hair and makeup Hil Cook :)

Paradise cafe shoot

Thought I would post some more of my ghosts now they have been shown on TV.  Enjoy Hils x

Love interest ghost

Hils airbrushing up Cat burglar ghost

This is on Natalie who works in our team, she was a ghost in the TV show.

Mad scientist ghost

Sailor Ghost

The Entertainer ghost

Director Ghost

Chef Ghost

Hils doing final checks on Allan

Allan Henry being Alonzoe Ghost

Chloe Sea ghost

How to make eye primer

On Wednesday I am doing a shoot for Fishead mag and the look is eye popping bright eye shadow colours. This got me thinking about eye primers to get that intense eye colour, so I thought I would let you into a secret on how to make your own eye primer.  The difference in using a eye primer with your shadow is astounding, it makes the colours look more intense in their shades and gives a real boost to the lasting ability of your shadow.

Basically just squirt in the equal amounts of liquid foundation, concealer and moisturiser (preferably a body butter or thick consistency moisturiser) in a small container from Plastic box and stir. Add more foundation to make it darker, more moisturiser to lighten it up. 
This also works well as a tinted moisturiser if you make it in a bigger quantities and don't add the concealer. Keep adding to your mix until you have the consistency and amount that you need. Rub a tiny bit onto your eyelid and up to your brow bone and leave to dry before applying eyeshadow. Your eyeshadow  will stay on noticeably longer after using this!! 
Also great if your short on money 

Enjoy, Hils x

Hils work made it into Italian Vogue!!!!!!!!


Lovely to work together ladies, we did it!!!!
Thanks to Mandi lynn- photographer, Kerri Huges Artist & designer, Liza Foreman- Head gear and fab hats and especially Ange Duncan from Hil Cook Makeup. Woop Woop ahhhh
... Party time!!!

Hair and makeup by Hil Cook :)

Hils x

Savvy little 70's lady

Thought I would show you this little 70's number that was done for BBC/ Gibson group production, 'Paradise Cafe' series 2. The actress played a very cute 70's cat burglar in the TV show which was just shown on TV today.
Hair and makeup by Hil Cook

I also wanted to share with you, Ange's lovely weeping blister rash she made on our lovely actress Georgia, who played lead actress Natasha on Paradise cafe

Hair makeup and special FX by Ange Duncan

Teenagers beware, you too could look like this if you dont wash your face he he!

Hils x

A beautiful letter to Natalie.

All of our team likes to support our local community so Ange came up with the idea to help the people that sometimes get forgotten.  Those chosen... the volunteers at the Te Omanga Hospice, those  people who work relentlessly helping terminally ill patients, making life that little bit better for people in need and their families and friends.  The Hil Cook team decided to do a Pamper day for the volunteers that dedicate their time to others so we thought a little TLC was in need to be given back.  The team spent the best part of the morning doing make overs, hair cuts, manicures, hand massages, hair styles and generally making Te Omanga helpers feel good.

I thought I would share with you a beautiful letter that one grateful volunteers sent to Natalie, our youngest team player.

 When I read this I had to share it, what a pleasure it was meeting
you today, you are an inspiration.
 I wish you well for the future hope you have a very special Birthday
on Saturday.

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves 
for whatever good we give out completes the circle and                  comes back to us."

Regards Betty

Just a sneak peak of the White Goddess shoot today. Creating Vogue Images.

Ange and I did the most amazing shoot today for an epic clothing artist, Kerrie Huges. The White Goddess shoot inspiration came from a beautiful piece of poetry that Kerrie loved, she interpreted the words into the most stunningly intricate detailed garments I have ever seen.  I wont put all the pics up as I will wait until I have the pro shots instead of mine, but here is a sneaky peak.

 Kerrie's work has been seen at London Fashion Week, in the pages of British Vogue and Tatler magazines, and Daryl Hannah used to be a regular client. Yet since her return to New Zealand in 2001 after 12 years in Britain, the modest and self-effacing designer has shunned publicity....
The intricate handwork is a Hughes trademark; her garments are impossible to mass produce due to the labour-intensive processes involved in their creation..... resume is something most fashion designers would kill for. She trained at St Martin's School of Art (London) following her first job working for British designer Zandra Rhodes. In the 1990s her designs were coveted by actresses like  Daryl Hannah and snapped up by stylists for television series Friends and Absolutely Fabulous.
In 1995 the Victoria & Albert Museum commissioned her to design a garment for its permanent collection and participate in the exhibition, Cutting Edge. Her designs have been sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel, Saks and Nordstrom in America, and Browns, Liberty and Harvey Nichols in London. Other clients have included Cher, Annie Lennox, Paula Yates, Tracey Ullmann, Helena Bonham Carter, Charlotte Church and shock rocker Marilyn Manson.
Hair and makeup by Hil Cook

My ghosts off Paradise cafe #2 TV series. Filmed in Raro :)

Thought I would share with you some of my prosthetic ghosts that were made for Paradise cafe 2.
 A fantastic BBC/ Gibson Group TV show filmed in Rarotonga ( and a bit in Welly).  Best job ever!!!

Hil x

Working with Celebs

Today I had the fun job of making up fantastic Actors, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. This hilarious duo are over from England to promote there latest movie 'Paul' which graces out screens starting April 14th.
They were so fun to make up and a very easy pair to hang with.  Love these types of jobs!

They were very kind to happily have a photo taken with me so i thought I would share it.:)
Hils x