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Check out our new Artwork

Mary Adams is our savvy designer and just look at this little gem she designed.  New art work for posters and adds, Nice!
We are also about to embark on our first Viral Campaign shoot this weekend.  We have the Epic cameraman Simon Baumfield  as our DOP whom would normally cost us thousands, luckily for us he is doing it for love! Yay. We also have two of the lead actors from BBC tv show "Paradise cafe" as our leading ladies, Georgia Fabish & lara Custance, again all for love.  Along with these gems, are our own gems, Ange, Lea & Nat  who are always there to slog on with the makeups, hair do's and the fab acting skills they will be pulling out on Sundays shoot, all in the name of Solution Buds.

Big thanks to everyone that has supported us in our Solution bud venture and believing in us.
We really appreciate it.

Hil X

Single Ladies Pregnant Red Head

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I discovered HIL COOK SOLUTION BUDS this week and wondered why it has taken so long for someone to think of this idea and make them.

HIL COOK SOLUTION BUDS are cotton buds filled with makeup remover so you can correct little makeup smudges caused by mascara and eye shadow.

Creator Hil Cook is a hair and makeup artist who has worked all around the world with celebrity clients like Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett. She now specialises in Wedding Hair & Makeup, Fashion & Commercial shoots, and Film & TV work.

There are 20 solution filled eye makeup remover/corrector buds in a pack, containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
Look under your eyes, do you have mascara smudge or shadow fall out?? 
Here’s where solution buds come in!

Take out a bud
Twist the top off
Watch the solution fall into the bud below
Once the solution has fallen into the bud, place dry end back on
Using the solution bud, wipe the damage away, use the dry end to   wipe residue away.


HIL COOK SOLUTION BUDS are available in Radius pharmacies and on Hil Cook’s website www.hilcook.co.nz
RRP $12.99

Win one of these packs
Enter below by Sunday 1st August

My latest dead arm job!

What a lovely job I have.  This is my latest dead arm I have created for an up coming Doco. I will keep you posted for when it is about to be released.  It rotted right off the body! NICE   Hil x

Hil Cook solution buds demo

A photo shoot with Penny from Inspire photography

I had one of my most favorite photographers, Penny from Inspire photography, do my own photo shoot today.  Its all a bit weird being in front of the camera, when I am usually working behind it, but Penny made me feel relaxed, shes fun to work with and made me look natural instead of a stunned mullet!
The shoot is for a article coming up in the Wairarapa Times Age on our Solution buds, so it needed to be a slick pic, not one of my digi specials.  I reckon Penny pulled it off nicely, she captured my quirk factor, the product and made me look relaxed, all at the same time.  Now thats what I call a Miracle worker!!!
 Thanks Penny you are a star. Check out the pics for yourself!
Click on the title and check out INSPIRE PHOTOGRAPHY'S WEBSITE. They are FAB!

Jody Bell made us this awesome video on youtube


Click the title and check out her website, she can make your nether regions twinkle !!
Hil x

Jay Jay Fenney from the EDGE

Hi Hil
Thanks for sending me your new Solution Buds. GREAT IDEA!!
Jay-Jay xox

Jay-Jay Feeney


HIL Cook 'SOLUTION BUDS' CHECK US OUT ON THE PODCAST BELOW, POLLY FROM ZM TALKED ABOUT US IN THE "GIRLS LOCKER ROOM" drag to 10.10 mins to hear after clicking link below to get onto 12/7/10 podcast!

Low cost ideas for makeup!

Beauty does not have to cost a fortune – so we have put together some low budget beauty solutions that will help both you, and the bank balance look and feel great.


         Head to the $2 shop for brushes and tools. Most dollar stores have a great range of makeup brushes and tools that will do the trick. Don't forget to check the brushes in the art section too as you can often find some great brush shapes here too - especially thin tipped brushes that are great for lining the eye.
         While you are at the $2 shop - grab some flash lashes - they can be cut up and applied individually to the outer corner of the eye which looks AMAZING. 

         Dark eyeshadow makes an excellent eyeliner. Just wet a thin-tipped brush, dip it into the eyeshadow and line your upper lid. This is a great tip for those who like the liquid eyeliner look by struggle to apply it.

         Whilst lengthening mascaras are good, they are also more expensive. Curl you eyelashes and dust them with translucent face powder, then apply mascara, this will help to thicken and lengthen the lashes. 

         Natural looking flushed cheeks are very trendy right now - and are normally created with a gel or cream products. Lipsticks are excellent substitute products for creating this look. Just apply some to the apple of your cheek and blend out towards the cheekbones.

         If you buy any new makeup, make it a loose powder, neutral coloured, highlighter (soft gold or peach) as this is a great multi-tasking product. Use it all over your face when you need a boost, on the top of your cheekbones and under your brows, down the centre of your nose to make it look thinner, inner corner of your eyes to make you peepers bright, the top of your cupids bow for a natural trout pout and mix it in your your foundation to create a luminous look, with a clear lip gloss on your lips, and on your body for some shimmer at night.
         Hold a makeup trade event with your friends. Someone's trash may be your treasure, and you may find the perfect home for the bright green eyeshadow you own but don't wear.  To sterilize makeup, whip into your local chemist and buy yourself an small bottle of isopropyl alcohol (100%  alcohol and approx $5.00) put it into a small spray or mist bottle from the $2 shop and spray the products.  This will kill any unwanted germs that could that could transfer to eyes and evaporates in no time.  Good as a bought one!!

         Now everyone can look like the models you ooh and ahhh over in those glossy mags, minus the expensive price tag on the makeup products.

        The best thing at the end of the day when you have finished looking glam, grab out your pack of wipes and Hil Cook solution buds and remove that gorgeous   look, keeping your skin fresh and happy for the next day!

Hil x


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Pick of the week beauty product!!!!

Carloyn Enting, Fashion & beauty editor for the Dominion Post, is doing 'Hil Cook Solution buds' as 'Pick of the week' beauty product yippeeeeeeeee.

Hil X

Review of the Solution bud - from Makeup artist Tutor @ Weltech

Hi Hil,
 Just to tell you, your solution buds have arrived yesterday.
I absolutely love them. They are great for fast on set touch ups as well as makeup removing on the go.
I love that they don’t leave an oily film especially around the eye area.

What do they cost/retail for??

Will keep you in touch


Dany S. Pike
Make up Artistry Tutor
Wellington Institute of Technology
+64 - 4 - 931 69 49
+64 - 4 - 931 69 52