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Party Season- try out some party tricks with your makeup

Party season is upon us, which for some means a whirlwind of parties and events. Here are a few make up tips to ensure that you get through summer looking like the diva we know you are.
The most important thing is your skin. It’s a canvas for your make up, if you choose to wear any. Get some great tips on how to achieve glowing skin in our blog

Eye liner:
When you’re getting all dolled up for a night of clubbing it’s better to go with bold eyeliner looks. A daytime liner will seem to disappear at night and your eyes won’t command much attention. Night time is when you can break out the black eyeliner and any other bold and beautiful color for that matter. Try something a little different, the world is your oyster.

Bold Eyes:
A great way to really enhance the look of night time eyeshadow is to moisten your brush with a wet wipe and then dip it into a bold shade of eye shadow colour, this makes the color bolder again, and gives it a heap of staying power. Use another brush (but dry this time) to blend the edges.  Line the lower lash line to frame your eyes and add more of a sultry, smoldering look to your gaze. Don’t be afraid to experiment with using two or three different colors of shadow on the lid and or underneath the bottom lash lines, the more creative the better!

Your eyelashes are very important to the overall look of your face because they frame your eyes, make them look bigger and draw more attention to them. If you  aren’t blessed with mile long eyelashes here are some tips to play up one your most striking features with a little “help”... Single flared lashes, these are applied individually and usually only 3-4 are needed on each outer corner of the eye, va va voom, you will not know yourself!  Mac have some great full lash sets but to be honest, we get most of our full set lashes that grace the pages of fashion mags from the $2 shop.
If its Lash extensions your after, give Lush lashes a call, they last approx 5 weeks and I LOVE them!


When you apply your mascara start at the base of your lashes. As you move the wand up, wiggle it from side to side to get the most coverage. Use an eyelash comb to separate lashes and remove any clumps of mascara. Use a combination of lengthening and thickening mascara to give your lashes the biggest boost. For everyday wear, brown and black mascaras get the job done nicely. Experiment with colored mascara to make your eyes pop and compliment your eye color and liner.

Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes for a very wide eyed look. Only do the top set for a polished and sophisticated doe eyed look.
For the best coverage, hold the mascara wand vertically and swipe it back and forth across the bottom lashes.  Try to prevent smudging and smearing the mascara on the rest of your makeup but if a wee accident happens, reach for Hil Cook Solution buds. For luscious lashes apply up to three coats of mascara or even give tube mascara a try,  L'Oreal does a great tube mascara at a reasonable price.

If you’ve gone super glam on the eyes, pick a demure colour. If you haven’t braved the multi coloured eyes how about going for a vavavoom red colour on your lips.

Lastly, have fun, play around, experiment with colours and textures on your skin.