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How to choose the right eyeshadow

Eyeshadows add depth to a woman's eyes. With the right colour and application, your eyes can look smaller, bigger, set closely together or set apart. However, many women are unsure which eyeshadow colours are best for them. Your best eyeshadow colours depend on the colour of your eyes and skin tone. In general, contrast colours will make your eyes stand out more.

What Is the Best Eyeshadow Color to Use?

People with brown eyes can wear any eyeshadow colour.
Light or dark eyeshadow colours are flattering. Shades that are lighter than your eye colour gives a natural look while darker shades creates a dramatic look.
Choose brown, bronze, copper, beige, champagne, pinks, pale purples or forest-green eyeshadows.

For blue eyes, go with warm browns and soft peaches.
Taupe, gray, violet, purple, lilac, pink, silver or gold would be the best choice for blue eyes as these colors will bring out the blue in your eyes. Avoid blue eyeshadow.

If you have hazel eyes or green eyes, choose golden browns, apricot, deep purples, soft peaches and soft violets to brighten up your green eyes.

Taupe or gold is a good color for highlighting and works well for evening makeup. Avoid shades of blue, some tones of pink, white and silvers.

Your skin color needs to be considered when choosing eyeshadow colours. If you have a fair complexion, it is best to pick light colours.
For dark skinned women, you should look for deep-coloured eyeshadows.

Choosing the right eyeshadow colour to enhance your eyes is easy. Use the colour wheel as a guide.
A colour that is opposite on the colour wheel to your eye colour will contrast perfectly to make your eyes really stand out. Try out different color combinations to see what looks best on you.

Tip: If you are really struggling, pick out the fleck tones from your Iris, this way you can never go wrong.
 Below is a perfect example of using fleck colours to enhance and pop your eye tone.
By picking out the bronzy gold flecks in the eye and using this tone as an eyeshadow, you cant go wrong!
Have a play and see what you come with.

Good luck Hils x