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Just an update on what we are up to

To those of you that are wonderful dedicated followers to our blog, my humble apologies for not blogging of late,  our team have all been sooo flat out and working silly hours on various projects so I thought I would take a mo to fill you all in.

Our Lovely Lea has been working full on with Tom Scott's production, TV Show, " Rage", she has been doing all manner of hours day and night and having a blast. The show is about the 1981 Springbok tour that caused the closest thing to a civil war in NZ.  We will keep you posted when it is due to hit the screens.

Nat has been hard out re creating amazing Pin ups with Photographer Mandi Lynn from La mode photography boutique, they have just launched the latest Neonatal  Pin up Calendar which is sooooo gorgeous and worth every penny ( not to mention the proceeds go to a worthy cause).
We also have Nat bouncing up and down the country doing makeup and hair for all manner of social  butterflies and their high end functions, this has proven to keep her very busy, you Aucklander's have very social calendars!

Then there is our rock, Ange.  I assisted her with the most gorgeous bride and bridesmaids in the weekend, the bride was jaw dropping drop dead gorgeous, as were the bridesmaids.  Ange also has been working with Bella Isdale designing her hair and makeup looks for her latest Album soon to be out.  Bella is one of our talented Kiwi singers that has made it in the singing world and will be gracing the stages of the huge Glastonbury festival in the UK. woop woop.

Me (Hil), I have been bouncing on and off set working in the makeup and prosthetics departments on the Hobbit which has been seriously long hours but recently I have just jumped ships,  I am back at my old Haunt Weta Workshop.  Going back to Weta and getting stuck into some seriously creative stuff has been a whole heap of fun but it totally feels like de jar vu, everywhere I look the same people I worked with 10 years ago are all back, we are all just a bit older and wiser :)
On the days off there is always still plenty of brides and Fishead magazine shoots so yes, things are ticking along just nicely.

Hils x