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Makeup tips for men for their big day

A few handy tips for the groom for those perfect pics

We have quite a few grooms these days needing a wee jooshh for their big day. I thought we would add some info for all our bridal readers just to know what products can be used to make a huge difference to those wedding day photos  :)

A few years ago, there was uproar where a man's desire to look attractive was debated upon. The West presented their idea of metro-sexual men while the rest of the world protested against it saying that men are predestined to look 'manly'! With the revolution, came the image of a well groomed, immaculate, clean shaven man with stylish glasses and this became the epitome of manhood. The cosmetic industry launched numerous products into the market that targeted the grooming and public presentation of a man. As the years have passed, men have become more open towards the use of makeup that was once considered women's domain. It is basically, 'society' that has learned to accept that use of makeup does not make one a lesser man! Now, if this application of cosmetics is overdone, it might give out the wrong signals. The basic function of makeup is enhancing features, covering up the flaws and boosting the self-esteem. Several men who are conscious about their looks and are introverts should find this highly helpful. :)

Men have much larger pores than women -  To give an even skin tone and close those pores for both men and woman, reduce oil and minimize shine - use "Pores no more" by Doctor Brandt its the best thing in the world!!
This can be purchased at Mecca and I cant tell you how amazing it is!!

TInted mosituriser for your fella's skin will even out skin colour for photos without looking made up and the amazing YSL touche eclait ( one of our favourites) is fantastic for brightening eyes and taking away dark circles.  It is light reflecting so will bounce dark circles away in flash photography, and what could be bad in that??