Join Hil and her savvy team on their journey behind the scenes in the world on makeup and hair. Mobile on the go EVERYWHERE!


More and more of our brides and clients are asking to be airbrushed, we thought it was high time to share the light on the subject and hopefully answer your questions...Airbrushing uses a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin for a flawless appearance. The makeup is not rubbed into the skin to exaggerate and irritate the pores. Instead, the airbrushed foundation sits on the skin’s surface for a soft & more natural looking result. The skin is able to breathe, while flaws and discolorations are successfully concealed.We use 2 main types of foundation through our airbrushes, Temptu from Europe and now Mac has also launched their range (which is fantastic!). A few small drops of foundation gets squeezed into the airbrush, which is then connected to a small compressor , The trigger on the airbrush is pulled back and circular motionThe airbrush creates the illusion of skin perfection since it is misted on and does not mask the face. The feel of the makeup is equally pleasant, as the foundation is extremely lightweight & incredibly durable. as though there is nothing on the face at all. The application of foundation with an airbrush has been used for over a decade in the TV and movie world because of its ability to create a flawless look on and off the screen. It looks natural,soft, beautiful in close up , and equally gorgeous on the screen and in print. It is the solution for all women or brides who desire to wear foundation to protect and enhance their skin, while remaining natural and youthful in the process.


Statement pouts are oh so hot - and the perfect winter pick me up!  From hot pink and blood orange to electric purple and danger red, it really doesn’t matter the colour as long as it can be seen from a distance.

Statement lips are perfect for winter - they liven up cosy outfits and brighten pale winter complexions. The most flattering shade for all complexions is a bright hot pink - just make sure it's not too deep - the key is to find a colour that POPS!



Unfortunately you can't just slap some bright lipstick on and go (ok, you can, but flaky lips and lipstick all over your teeth should be left to Courtney Love). It is a good idea to exfoliate your lips with a soft flannel or gentle exfoliant beforehand, and condition them well - dry lips and bright colours do not go well together.


Liner is a MUST - so a nude coloured lip-liner or clear is a great investment as it will work with all shades. It helps the lipstick stay in place and stops it from bleeding outside the natural line of the lips.


The team love the matte look, but if you are more of a juicy lips type of girl then a dollop of clear gloss in the centre of the bottom lip will look fab.

In terms of the rest of your face, keep in simple - a perfect base, a little bronzer, and some fat lashes is all you need.


Hil will make my day!!!

Of the MANY competitions I entered at the bridal show, Hil's was the one my fingers were crossed tightest for. I'd seen examples of Hil and team's amazing work before coming to the show so was absolutely thrilled (jumping up and down screaming in the office!) when I found out I'd won this competition! I can't wait to see how everything will turn out on the day. What excites me the most is getting to work with these girls who are not only so fantastic and professional at what they do, but who will also work with me to create a look that is 100% unique to me and the look I want for my bridesmaids. Doing things a bit differently to the norm, I'm looking forward to their input that I know will also help me put the final touches on all of our outfits for a stunning overall image of each girl. I will happily put me and my girls safely into their capable hands to make each of us look as great as we can. With so many ideas out there and so much pressure on what a wedding 'should' be and look like, Hil and team will really help me keep to what's important to me: that mine and Matt's wedding will be about us being absolutely 100% us (the most gorgeous version possible!), remembering that the wedding's only the start of what it's all about - the marriage to come!


A great little tip to a full lip is to apply a touch of shimmer to the top of your cupids bow.  Using a flat square brush, place a touch of shimmer right on the outer edge of your cupid line.  This will give the allusion when the light catches, that you have full curled pouty lips!  Trust me this really works well!

*Use lip plumpers. Lip plumpers usually contain cinnamon oil. The heat from the plumpers draws blood to the surface, which helps to create more fullness. Better yet, just buy plain cinnamon oil and use on after you apply your lipstick. If you use it before, you’ll have to wait for the oil to be absorbed and sink in to your lips. **Cinnamon oil will heat up your lips and may cause a burning sensation!



Put a youthful, modern twist on a classic chignog by braiding hair first.  kristy from "Dancing with the stars", danced the Tango with Chris Hobbs in this updated little number.
We took a classic chignog and modernised it by braiding 3 separate fishplaits (a two plait) into a low off centred ponytail.  Each braid was loosened off and pinned in a clock wise direction to create this modern and youthful look.  To give Kristy an edgy twist, we took a triangle section off center of her part and did an inside out french braid , this continued  along her hair line. Braiding can really update a look ! Let our readers know about any hair styles you have tried with braids.
Hil x