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Punk is the new black

By Kevin Murphy
Hi everyone,

Here is the latest shoot I did for Vogue in which you can see that Punk is everywhere this season. Now it’s a glamorous punk, or you could say a punk on a trust fund. 
When researching for the shoot I tried to find images of girls from that period and I was drawn to Debbie Harry from BLONDIE and I had to ask myself “what would Debbie Do???” 

M:\WEB\UPGRADE 2010\MURPHY MAIL\Murphy Mail 07\Shot1.jpg

In the late seventies, there were not a lot of products available and punk was about rebellion. I had just made a new product called BODY.BUILDER which is a mousse. Robert Lobetta and I had talked and he stated what was old is new again, so I decided to lay mousse into the hair and blow it out with little skill so I could achieve a fluffy texture to the ends. I tried not to try too hard and focused on getting volume at the roots only. 

M:\WEB\UPGRADE 2010\MURPHY MAIL\Murphy Mail 07\Shot2.jpg

Using a ROLL.BRUSH I lifted up the roots at the sides to create the flicked over look. The BODY.BUILDER gave me lots of control over the hair but kept the finish soft enough for me to mould the shape. I then BACK COMBED the roots of the hair (to achieve the shape) and then followed through and BACK BRUSHED the ends and the mid-lengths to achieve the texture. 

M:\WEB\UPGRADE 2010\MURPHY MAIL\Murphy Mail 07\Shot3.jpg

Of course SESSION.SPRAY played a big part in the style and I went mad with the spray. Why? Because that is what Debbie would have done!  
I kept on using my SMOOTHING.BRUSH during the day to release texture on the ends so they looked soft - this kept the fullness in the ends of the hair. I had to hide some of the hair to give it a layered look so a lot of the hair was hidden from view with clips. This gave the front of the head more volume. 

M:\WEB\UPGRADE 2010\MURPHY MAIL\Murphy Mail 07\Shot4.jpg

Its was so good to be able to do something strong and soft at the same time, and using old methods to create something modern. Who knew that my new best friends would be a can of mousse, a ROLL.BRUSH and tons of spray. 
Since discovering BODY.BUILDER, its all I reach for. BODY.BUILDER’s weightless qualities allow me to create so much more than I had ever expected so I hope you like it. 

Bye for now and regards,

Kevin xx