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Face primer on a budget - Hot tip!!!!!!

Face Primer on a budget ...

A lot of us these days are on a budget right? Heck, most of us are on a budget all the time and cant spend a fortune on all the higher end brands of makeup for certain necessities like a  foundation primer. Luckily I have found an item, which is not limited to, but have noticed works the best and that is to me a Godsend!!!! For those of you makeup junkies who may not have the means to go out and spend 40 - 80+ dollars for a bottle of face primer which we might end up using a lot of the time, Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion is definitely the way to go!!!!!

First of all, what is a face primer or foundation primer????
A face primer is a cream or lotion that is applied before a foundation is applied. Why? because it gives a nice even slick finished canvas for the product to set on, it will contain ingredients that fill in tiny lines and pores, and it provides a long lasting wear for your makeup products. Most face primers on the market today will read in the ingredients Dimethicone as one of the main ingredients, Dimethicone is a skin protectant which is a silicon based polymer and is a key ingredient to reduce pores and give that slick finish.

Aveeno baby daily moisturiser is gentle enough for newborn delicate skin and contains the magic ingredient to work miracles at a fraction of the cost of high end brands. This completely delivers like any high end face primer and to be honest I don't think you can notice one is better than the other (except for price). Try it and see for yourselves.                
Most of all our eyeshadow primers and bases have the main ingredient Dimethicone, This is why when I stumbled upon this as a beauty item other than a child's lotion I was intrigued, the main ingredient is Dimethicone! You can pick this product up at any of your local Countdowns, Farmers or Chemist for very little cost. It makes skin feel very supple and smooth and makes a perfect base canvas.
It works very well to give foundation 'something to hold onto' and keep it there. Because it is silicone based it actually gives just a bit of dewy glow. I was surprised to see how well foundation looked over Aveeno baby lotion and found no creasing up into fine lines or congregating into the pores even after a whole day.                      
Give it a try, if not for a primer, for a moisturiser because it's so nice to skin and has worked wonders for sensitive baby skins!