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A little energy test thanks to my friends at "THE CHEMISTS"

Today I went to Sort out one of my favorite customers that sell our Solution buds, Sonya and Margaret from "THE CHEMIST" in Masterton. The Chemist, is a hive of activity with the most exquisite gifts, makeup, healthcare products and wonderful advice! The service is like no other, everyone is greeted with a warm friendly smile, but biggest thing, they go the extra mile which is why I decided I wanted to blog about these guys.

Now those of you who know me, know how I truly burn the candle at both ends, not from being a party princess (sadly), but from being a work aholic.

 This is why I love these guys at THE CHEMIST, I walked in today, had a chat about what what our team had been up to, how busy things have been and how shattered I felt. The ladies suggested something to help my energy levels and decided it was high time for me to get some Multi Vitimans in my system to help with fatigue and boost my immunity.  Pills and I dont usually mix but I really have been shattered lately so decided to take the ladies up on their 1 month challenge. I will keep you all posted as to how I am feeling.

The Sonya and Margaret put me onto 2 different tablets, 1st one being Go Healthy Multi everyday which should support energy levels and maintain health and well-being.
The second being Thompson's Co-Enzyme Q10, Co-Q10 is energy producing, antioxidant, boosts metabolism, promotes healthy heart and gums and sorts out the immune system.  Often referred to as nature's spark plug tablet because, like a car engine, the body cannot function properly without the initial spark from Co-Q10.
Enhance Energy
Gum Health
Heart Health

So I intend to take these 2 miracles in tablet form, and monitor the results for a month. I will try to update you daily on the side bar, these will entail mood swings, energy levels, how many hours work that day and of course my bed time.  Lets see if I become bouncing with energy!

Hil x

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